5 Confidence Building Ideas for Toronto Youth

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Building confidence in Toronto youth is about teaching them to focus on what they can control and accept what they can’t. Life coaches often recognize that low self-confidence in young adults results in trying to control the uncontrollable; a naturally losing battle.

Toronto parents, mentors, and teachers are in right positions to build confidence in youth. Confidence doesn’t come from being born with supernatural talents; it comes from the attitude with which youth are raised.

As a Toronto young adult life coach I see how the following 5 confidence building ideas brings light and hope into the eyes of youth. It gives them courage to try something new and as soon as they do, they gain independence and feelings of self-sufficiency.

1. Accept their strengths: Every child is born with a unique combination of strengths. There are no ‘ideal’ strengths. All strengths bring prosperity and happiness when utilized properly. Don’t show frustration if your child doesn’t have the strengths you think are necessary for surviving.

2. Give them reasons to use their strengths: This doesn’t just include signing them up for programs, but give them work in the home that utilizes their strengths. If they are a painter, hang their art in visible places; they will feel like contributors in the home. If you have the opportunity to sign them up for programs, sign them up for programs offered by city of Toronto that use their strengths, not their weaknesses.

3. Focus on effort: Effort is within their control. Results are not. And effort does not necessarily produce desired results. It’s tempting to focus on final results, but results don’t always turn out as hoped for. Instead of making youth to feel like failures, you can focus on guiding them to recognize how their effort made a difference in the grand scheme.

4. Setbacks and Failures: These are a part of life, can’t be avoided, and don’t need to be taken personally. Instill this mentality in youth so failures don’t become a part of their self-image. Confidence is built through commitment and persistence. And there is no such thing as failure unless they give up.

5. Decision making: Toronto offers many opportunities and challenges for youth. Allow youth and young adults to make choices and resolve conflicts. This is invaluable life experience that builds confidence in a way that only talking can never do. Decision making boosts self-assurance and builds self-trust.

These 5 ideas work best when they become a part of youth’s lifestyle. Once they are in the habit of thinking this way, confidence naturally improves.

Best Wishes from Your Toronto Life Coach, Ivana Pejakovic

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