Being Accountable

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Part 7 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

… There you are…

The 4th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Being Accountable 

Accountability is not a dirty word!

It’s the ONLY word that can show you how much power and decision you have in your own life.

Let’s explore this further.

Accountability is: acknowledging the role you play in the things that happen in your life (and not just the bad things… but also the good things).

Accountability is important because you’ll struggle to reach your personal and professional goals without the capacity to recognize the role you play in your own life.

Without accountability you become a victim of life. And life will seem unfair. Even worse… you will become powerless to change things for the better.

So, why do so many women (and men too!) fear accountability? Because as we were growing up, accountability was almost always associated with punishment.

I bet you can recall more bad times than good times associated with accountability in your childhood. Naturally, the feelings you felt as a child still linger today… and still influence you today unless you take control over them.

With accountability it is possible to CREATE the kind of life you want. Why? Because it allows you to look at lessons learned from the actions you’ve already taken. Instead of being busy blaming others and feeling powerless, you learn to do things differently next time.

So you see, being accountable sets you up…. not for trouble… but for freedom and empowerment.

Your Task:
It’s about the good and the bad. Accountability is not just about taking responsibility for the bad.

Now think of 2 current situations for which you can take accountability.

1. Think of a positive situation in which you play a role and influence things for the better?

  • a. What are the lessons learned?

2. Think of a negative situation in your life right now. What role do you play in it?

  • a. What are the lessons learned?

3. How can you use these lessons learned to for future situations?

Be Your Best Today!

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