Acknowledging and Embracing Your Self-worth

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Part 8 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

Excellent… You’ve made it!

The 3rd and most trickiest vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Acknowledging and Embracing Your Self-worth  

Your self-worth is the value you place on yourself… from the inside out.

It’s not enough to give your self-worth empty verbal acknowledgement. You need to embrace it; you need to FEEL it. Otherwise it’s just lip service.

So let me ask you: What are you worth?

Do you know how to put a value on yourself?

Is it easy for you to acknowledge your value?

Is it easy for you to FEEL valuable? Or are you waiting for someone to acknowledge it so that you can feel it too?

MANY women don’t actually know their own value and settle for so much less than they deserve.

And this is because they believe they will be worthy only when… something happens.

And this is your self-imposed trap… Because making it conditional means you’ll never be worth of very much for very long.

Chances are you also adjust your value based on how well you do.

But here’s the problem: throughout your life, and despite your BEST effort, you’re bound to make some mistakes and you’re bound to make some very big MISTAKES! Because mistakes and imperfections are part of the human condition.

Mistakes happen out of the blue.
Mistakes happen even with warnings up ahead.
Same mistakes happen over and over again.
Mistakes happen when you put your full attention on getting it right.
Mistakes happen after doing it right 100X before
Mistakes happen during the best of intentions

Every woman alive…. has experienced each of the kind of mistakes listed above. But none of them made her less deserving.

And that includes you too.

So your task is to make peace with yourself. You’re not perfect and you were never meant to be perfect BY YOUR BIASED standards. In fact no one gets this privilege.

So the only option you’re left with is enjoying who you are.

Embracing your full self-worth starts with a conscious decision and a desire to do so.

And this one comes out slowly and naturally when you master all of the vital secrets I’ve shared with your throughout the Empowerment Guide.
Remember it’s not enough to just verbally acknowledge your value. You must embrace it and FEEL IT.

This takes practice, repetition, time, consistency, commitment, and effort.

Your Task:

Embrace your self-worth by practicing self-acceptance:

1. Imagine: If the man-made concept of “good-bad” didn’t exist… meaning if there was no such thing as placing judgment on people and situations, how would you think about yourself? How would you feel about yourself? What’s left to think and feel?
2. How you treat yourself is learned. Where did you learn to think of yourself and treat yourself as you do?
3. If you learned to think poorly of yourself, does it actually make your thoughts truthful and factual? Could there be any bias in your thoughts?
4. What thoughts do you need to work on changing?
5. Pick one thought and create a plan to change it.

Make sense?

Now go make it happen!

Be Your Best Today!

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