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Do You Have Real Friends?

Do you have real friends? As life moves on, as careers and families grow and duties and obligations become extensive, it leaves very little time for quality friendships (unless of course it’s a priority on your list). And spending a lot of time with people doesn’t necessarily qualify them as Real friends. But without Real […]

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  January 23, 2014   No comments

6 Secrets to Happiness for Teens and Youth

Why does happiness seem so difficult to achieve? And, as much as parents are trying to raise well-rounded and happy children, many of these kids will inevitably become unhappy adults. Why? I’m sure there is many reasons, but I always say we MUST actively teach our children that happiness isn’t based on the things that […]

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  May 3, 2013   No comments

Religious Participation: Fundamental Part of Adolescent Development?

Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA Does religion change the quality of teen development? According to earlier and current research, it certainly does! Even the notables of developmental psychology such as, Piaget, Erikson, and Elkind, claim religious involvement to be an integral part of children’s psychological health. Psychologists agree however, that the understanding of religious beliefs and […]

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