body image and self-esteem

[one_half]Body image and self-esteem go hand in hand. Chances are you are only using your appearance as measure of your entire value. This means your achievements, personality, and all your good deeds are taking a backseat when it comes to judging yourself.

Ever wish you were thinner? Probably. Daily beauty ads makes sure to let you know you’re never attractive enough. Why? Becasue if they told you you were beautiful, they wouldn’t be making any money off you. And with all the airbrushing, perfecting, and emphasis on appearance it makes it difficult to ignore your own appearance and focus on your unique abilities and wonderful personality. [Learn more about how media affects your well-being].


More than just low self-esteem, a poor body image causes:

  • Fights in relationships
  • Every day sadness and disappointment
  • Constant dieting
  • Low confidence
  • Fear of meeting new people
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Shift Your Perspective

Focus on:

  • What your body can do
  • How good it feels to be healthy
  • All the things you can do because of your body

If you’re not happy with your body, it’s because you’re not even thinking about all the stuff your healthy body does for you.

Improve your body image

Stay active. Sitting around and wishing for a different body gets you nothing but frustration. Exercising makes your body feel better and you feel better for slowly working towards your goal.

Undo the negative self-talk. Chances are you say mean things to yourself when you look in the mirror or when you’re watching TV or anytime you’re feeling unattractive. Make it a daily practice to write down 3 positive things about yourself in the morning and before bed.

Be realistic. The “beauty” you see on TV or around you is airbrushed and processed. While you’re watching those images keep reminding yourself they don’t actually look like that. No one does. Ask yourself: Is it fair for me to expect things of myself that are not real?

Google before and after pictures. There are a ton of before and after pictures of models and celebrities. Take a peek at how these people really look like. Normal…just like you and I. [/one_half_last] [quote]”I have found each of our daughters to have a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves and what our values are as a family.”[/quote]

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