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Teen Depression: 3 Causes and Contributors

Teen depression is on the rise. For many readers, this isn’t the first time they’ve heard this. Despite the fact that now, more than ever before, teens have more sophisticated lifestyles, including traveling, bigger homes with all basic necessities, sports opportunities, educational opportunities, access to technology, and much more, an alarming number of teens are […]

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  January 21, 2012   No comments

How to Get Your Teen to Believe in Herself

Ivana Pejakovic B.Sc., MABelieving in oneself is the first step to success, happiness, and a feeling of control in life. It is also a learned behaviour that becomes a habit when practiced over time. Likewise, self-doubt and feelings of inferiority can also become a habit if practiced frequently. If you find your teen has a […]

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  December 3, 2011   1 comment

Teens: How to Get Your Child to Listen

Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA Many parents today are bewildered and left scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get their teen to listen to them. With so much information and advice available, they are left confused as much of the stuff fails to work or works inconsistently. One of the most difficult things […]

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  October 30, 2011   2 comments

Everyday Tips to Strengthen Your Parent-Child Bond

Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA A parent-child bond is perhaps one of most precious things in life. While a part of it is a natural phenomenon (work of biology), this bond also needs to be built, nourished, and maintained. A child’s development, happiness, and his/her ability to form healthy relationships as an adult are dependent on […]

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  August 29, 2011   No comments