6 Secrets to Happiness for Teens and Youth

Why does happiness seem so difficult to achieve? And, as much as parents are trying to raise well-rounded and happy children, many of these kids will inevitably become unhappy adults. Why? I’m sure there is many reasons, but I always say we MUST actively teach our children that happiness isn’t based on the things that […]

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Parenting Style: Are You an Over-functioning, Over-protective Parent?

Ivana Pejakovic, Toronto Life Coach What’s your parenting style? In my coaching practice, I find the parenting style isn’t always compatible with parental intention when raising children. By the time parents see me, they’re scratching their heads (with both hands!) and confused as to why their offspring isn’t more independent, self-motivated, responsible, and with a […]

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Life Coaching for Parents

Ivana Pejakovic B.Sc., MALife coaching is not just for individuals looking for personal improvement in career, social, or financial areas of life. Life coaching is also extremely effective in putting families back on track. Many life coaches are finding themselves working with parents (or the family as a unit) to help parents create the relationship […]

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Parents: Common False Beliefs in Teens

Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA Many people have false beliefs about themselves that keep them from getting what they want. If you think back to your teenage years you’ll probably remember you had some of the same limiting beliefs then as you do now (e.g., being afraid to try new activities or try out for teams, […]

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