Best Things To Do When You’re Burned Out (5 Tips)

Emotional exhaustion, physical burnout, feeling stuck and hopeless, feeling angry, annoyed and sick. These are all symptoms of being burnt out. But, changing your burnt out state isn’t about taking 1 item off your list or excluding anyone in particular from your life. This doesn’t provide long-term relief. Burnout happens as a result of a […]

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Why Teens Develop Addictions?

Parents, who have reasons to worry about their teens, breathe a big sigh of relief when they find out their teens aren’t involved with drugs and alcohol. Addictions, however, aren’t always drug and alcohol related. Other addictions include gambling, addiction to relationships, addiction to video games, addiction to sex, addiction to food, etc., some of […]

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5 Common Stressors for Teens

As long as we are alive we have stress. Kids and teens are as likely to experience intense stress as are adults. Some parents falsely assume that if their child does not have bills to pay or chores and responsibilities that their child is living a stress-free life. This assumption is incorrect. Teen stressors appear […]

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