How to be Happy … The Easy Way

Happiness is valued and a desired by everyone. In fact, it has become a chase and a pursuit for some and a mysterious state of being for others. Of course there are many who made claim to have reached this ultimate stage…but even for them it seems more of a fleeting experience, with very few […]

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Are you living a dead-end life?

Are you living a dead-end life? ONE Simple Step that Will Take You A Long Way! Even though the New Year is still fresh and everyone speaks of new beginnings, new opportunities, you may not be feeling all the motivation and spark of energy that those around you seem to be feeling. And while the […]

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11 Inspiring Quotes To Empower Women

You, being a woman is a gift. The value of your gift will become obvious once you embrace the woman that you are from the inside out… without any conditions. 11 Inspiring Quotes To Empower Women The most common way a woman gives up her power is by thinking she doesn’t have any. ~Alice Walker […]

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3 Essential Ingredients to Master Personal Empowerment

Yes, empowering yourself is easier if you use these 3 essential ingredients throughout the duration of the e-course: 1. Commitment (AKA dedication) 2. Effort (AKA consistency), and 3. Time (AKA patience) When we think of “Disempowerment” we usually think of it as something that is done BY one person TO another. But, that’s NOT how […]

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  January 28, 2014   1 comment