Challenges for young people

Challenges for young people are not exactly obvious. And many challenges leave youth thinking “life’s hard!”

Challenges for young people today are unique to their generation but it doesn’t mean they don’t take life seriously. It means many of them are confused and scared and feeling they are not enough of anything.

4 Challenges for Young People

Challenge #1—Self-discipline: We live in a society which values immediate gratification. We want it and we want it now! This mentality is not only taught to youth but they are continusouly watching people go along with what feels best–on TV and in real life.

Challenge #2—Entitlement: Many youth have had the privilege of receiving things without having to work for them. These young people suddenly find themselves disappointed and lost when they have to put in effort to get what they want. Their challenges include unwillingness to apply the necessary effort and a poor understanding of why they now have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Challenge #3—Focus, concentration, and motivation: The TV, the cell phone, the iPod, iPad, MP3 player, video games, and the computer. Yes, many young people have all of these and more. Challenges for young people include having the motivation to turn off all of these devices when they are making important decisions. And, it’s easy to procrastinate on making life decisions when more exciting options are within their fingertips.

Challenge #4—High expectations: Our young people are more educated than ever. With the education comes high expectations and enormous pressure to master life. Parents and family expect their bright offspring to find perfect careers that match their praise-worthy degrees. It leaves young people feeling stressed as they grasp for what to do next.

Along with the many blessings our society offers come many challenges for young people. While it’s not impossible to overcome these obstacles, it’s easier when there is direction from someone who spots the patterns.

[quote]”Ivana knows what she’s doing…she cares about you and she makes you feel safe.”[/quote]

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