what is life coaching?

If you’re struggling with what your head and heart are telling you to do, I bet you have a hard time deciding what to do and your choices often get you into trouble.

Life coaching helps you figure out what’s right for you, keeps you on track and responsible. It provides guidance and support as you:

Life coaching helps you gradually approach situations with courage and confidence.

My life coaching and mentoring program provides the following benefits:

  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Improving work habits
  • Improving your decision-making skills
  • Improving your social skills

Life coaching teaches a new way of thinking about things so these things aren’t so big and intimidating anymore.

[quote]”Life coaching teaches how to CREATE the life you want. Life is all about choices!” ~Ivana, Toronto Life Coach[/quote]

I am wondering…

If this is coaching, what is mentoring?
What’s the difference between counselling and your coaching styles?
Could I see your life coaching packages or life coaching workshops?
About what your previous clients have to say. Let me have a peak at their reviews and testmonials