self-esteem activities for youth

[one_half]While writing and repeating affirmations can help build self-esteem, youth prefer ‘hands on’ activities that provide physical evidence of their good qualities. Anything that doesn’t provide evidence appears flaky and seems like a lie.

Here are my favourite 5 self-esteem activities for youth:

1. Strengths with evidence: When your child does something well, ask her what was necessary to perform so well? Ask her what she did, what skills she used, what strengths she had to build to get the result. These skills will now appear ‘real’ because they are based on real life experiences.

2. Physical activity: Physical activity is not only important for health but is also among the most important self-esteem activities for youth. What makes physical activity so powerful? It releases brain chemicals that produce positive feelings and sensations. After exercising, your teen won’t be able to help herself but feel good. If you’re worried about being a hypocrite, get involved in a physical activity with your teen.


3. Collage: This activity particularly appeals to creative youth. The idea is for teen to find pictures, words, and quotes that best describe her accomplishments, positive traits and characteristics. The collage ought to be upbeat and match her personality. After it’s complete, frame it and hang it in her room for inspiration and motivation.

4. Appearance: Let’s face it, appearance is among the main reasons teens experience low self-esteem. We can’t ignore it or say it doesn’t matter, especially if your teen sees you primping and fussing over your own appearance. A fun activity is to spend a weekend optimizing your style. Maybe you can see a stylist for helpful tips on hair, make-up, and clothes or you can browse through magazines. Teach them to wear clothes that make them feel proud of themselves.

5. Set a goal: As a family, get everyone to set a goal. I suggest everyone pick a goal that will be completed within 25-30 days. Why? So everyone can finish around the same time and can discuss their challenges and success stories. 30 days is also enough time to require discipline and focus. Success always boosts self-esteem.
[/one_half_last] [quote]”Ivana accepted each of our daughters for who they are, using only encouragement and giving them a push when they needed it.”[/quote]

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