young adult coaching

[one_half]Young adult coaching is for getting yourself on the right path. Whether you:

  • are choosing a program at school or choosing the right career
  • have self-esteem problems
  • want to improve life skills
  • are dealing with stress
  • have body image issues
  • have difficulties with social situations
  • believe that life is just plain unfair

Young adult coaching will help you get your thoughts sorted and organized. Your first steps towards adulthood don’t have to be intimidating.

Coaching will help!

Coaching and youth mentoring is motivational, it’s solution-seeking, and it’s inspiring. It will help you identify the stage you are at now, why you are there, and it will help you recognize where you’d like to be. Coaching is effective because it teaches you to create the life you want by showing you how to take responsibility for your life.

Working together, we will explore your potential, examine your strengths, and help you begin your young adult journey with confidence.

If you are still wondering if your situation is suitable for coaching, the only way you’ll be sure it to have a casual chat with me.
[/one_half_last] [quote]”Ivana’s understanding of emotional intelligence stacked on top of her values, determination and life ambitions plus her Masters Degree in Social Psychology makes her an incredible asset and an invaluable life coach.”[/quote]

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