Face Your Fears Regularly

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Part 3 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

Let’s get right to it…

The 8th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Face Your Fears Regularly

That’s right… get yourself feeling UNCOMFORTABLE… because feeling comfortable for too long is THE BEST recipe for boredom and a lack of fulfillment… all the while hating your life.

And that’s no way to feel empowered!

There’s a dangerous trend among women. As life moves on they settle into a routine and forget to experiment with new experiences. And the more they are locked into a specific routine, the harder it’s for them to get out and create adventure for themselves.

The problem with fear is that it strips you of your power by slowly distorting your reality (by exaggerating how scary new things can be) and eventually robbing you of motivation and an exciting future.

Facing your fear means taking a risk. And there is a lot of uncertainty that comes with risk… “What will happen when I get there?” “Will I be able to pull it off?” “What would people say?”

But facing your fears also means living with excitement. For example, think back to a time you completed something you thought was super scary. How did you feel afterwards? I’m sure you felt a ton of relief but I am even surer you felt quite proud of yourself.

Facing your fears has nothing to do with being an adrenaline junkie or doing life threatening and daring things. It doesn’t mean you have to go sky diving or traveling to another country with only $100 in your pocket.

Facing your fears means taking action and getting out of your comfort zone. It means doing things you normally avoid doing because they scare you.

For example:

1. Walking into a room full of people on your own
2. Starting that hobby you’ve always wanted to do but somehow found a way to talk yourself out of every time
3. Asking for a promotion or raise to match the value you offer
4. Being willing to walk away from a romantic partner because he doesn’t treat you well

Why overcome your fear?

Much worse than feeling the fear is getting used to it. When you stop challenging your fears, you fall into the habit of avoiding situations that stir up those feelings. This is when you know you are no longer in control of yourself. Your fear is in control of you.

This kind of fear doesn’t just keep you ‘safe’, but it also keeps you away from opportunities at work, from healthy relationships, and fulfillment.

Time to face your fears!

Your Task:
1. Make a decision. What fear do you sincerely want to face? You can’t be wishy-washy on your decision and commitment. Even the littlest of hesitations will stop you.

  • My suggestion is to pick something that is VERY important to you.

2. Identify what you are afraid of. Identify the likelihood of that exact fear coming true.

3. What would be the impact of that fear coming true? Would it come close to ruining your life or just causing temporary discomfort?

  • a. Put it into perspective. How bad would it be if the fear came true? Place an “X” along the line of this scale to see how bad it could get:

Temporary discomfort 0–10–20–30–40–50–60–70–80–90–100 Ruin Your Life in the LONG TERM

4. Create a step by step plan for facing your fear. Now start working on it.

Be Your Best Today!

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