Hang Out with the People who Genuinely Wish You Well

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Part 1 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

… Excellent… You’ve made it through!

The 10th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Hang Out with the People who Genuinely Wish You Well

[note: before I go on… please read this post to the end where I offer a FREE monthly support group available exclusively to people who are a part of our community.]

To feel empowered, consider your major influencers (those people you see most often or those who are most important to you) and if they allow you to grow into your best. Or do they leave you feeling uninspired, doubtful, and worried?

The people around you influence your entire energy field. The individuals you interact with affect the invisible energy that make ‘you’ you and that in turn affects your mood and your thoughts and feelings about yourself which affects your self-confidence and ideas of what’s possible.

And while one or two negative people may not have that much power to influence you (if you have enough positivity around you to counteract it), imagine what happens if the majority of the people you hang out with are negative.

Hang out with people who genuinely wish you well. It sounds easy doesn’t it? And it’s very tempting… but how do you just get rid of those people whom you’ve known for years and some of whom you care about very deeply? That’s tough.

It turns out to be a matter of setting healthy boundaries. So while you don’t have to cut certain people out of your life, you can choose how often you will see them. The trick is not to let your guilt or sense of duty get in the way of your decision.


Spend time with people who:
1. Can tell you the real reason you CAN succeed because they pay attention to your strengths and values
2. Are quick to give positive, yet genuine, feedback
3. Let you make your own decisions
4. Are willing to try anything once with a good attitude
5. Genuinely wish you well

And avoid people who:
1. Are interested in their success only and to heck with everyone else
2. Have an ulterior motive
3. Seem to have great answers as to why something can’t be done
4. Spend their valuable time complaining
5. Try to push you into something you don’t want
6. Are primed and ready to say “I told you so” when things don’t go as you planned

Why is it hard to change your social group?

1. You have to say Good-Bye!
You have to say a little goodbye to your current group. You don’t have to kick them all out of your life. But you do need to minimize the time you spend with them by sending those healthy boundaries. I know some people can’t be eliminated from your life. But you can control how often you see them.

Keep in mind that it may be tempting to hang out with the negative bunch if you’re bored and alone. That’s why it’s important to follow the next tip.

2. You have to say Hello!
An obvious part of expanding your social group is being able to say hello to new people and new experiences. The biggest challenge is getting out of your comfort zone and attending new meet-up groups.

Warning: when you don’t meet enough new people and don’t build new positive connections, you’re more likely to hang on to the people you already know… whether their influence is good for you or not.

Don’t let social awkwardness or feelings of not being good enough stop you from getting out.

Your Task:

1. Think about the kind of person you want to be. What qualities do you want to possess and display daily?
2. Who in your life is currently a great role model for this?
3. Who in your life currently gets in your way through their comments, treatment of you, etc.
4. Set healthy boundaries with people who are a negative influence.
5. Get out and get involved. Find positive, like-minded people who emulate the qualities you want to master, who are on the same journey as you. These are generally people who demonstrate through their actions that they have a good heart. [Note: people like these are worth searching for and putting in the time and effort.]

If you’re interested in getting a helping hand in finding the right people to hang out with, come join us for our monthly get together with positive people. It’s important to build supportive relationships. There are no fees and no unwanted commitments.

Be Your Best Today!

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