How can teens in Toronto benefit from life coaching?

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Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA

As a Toronto Life Coach I know a great city like ours offers many options for teens and youth. Sometimes with more options than there’s time available for teens and their families.

The purpose of the activities is to boost life skills, recognize talent, and provide social opportunities for our youth to develop their full potential. Toronto offers: arts and other cultural activities, recreational activities, humanitarian activities, academic opportunities, career search options, many reputable camps, athletic activities, and educational memberships.

It’s not necessarily the multitude of options and offered privileges, however, that’ll guarantee a teen’s involvement and overall success. Being an active member of a city like Toronto requires feelings of confidence, self-efficacy, and motivation. Without these many youth balk at everything offered, and appear ungrateful, unmotivated, and lazy.

The fact is, too many options can be overwhelming when their trust and confidence in themselves is shaky.

Life coaching for teens is specifically designed to help.

The most common reason teens are not a part of activities is because of self-esteem issues. A fear of rejection, not being able to measure up to others, and an overall lack of confidence that eventually turns into habits of procrastination, not putting in effort, and giving up.

Before things get to that stage, life coaching can intervene and divert major issues. Life coaching helps Toronto youth:

1. Build the necessary self-esteem and self-confidence teens need to take advantage of the activities Toronto offers.

2. Understand goal setting as taught by professional life coaching so other distractions don’t tempt teens off their path.

3. With life skills training such as communication skills, assertiveness skills, and relationships skills, to help teens get the most of Toronto opportunities.

4. Boost motivation thanks to a life coaching perspective on their life.

5. Challenge their beliefs and bad habits. Even the great kids can be held back from their full potential if they’ve acquired some bad habits.

6. Deal with diversity and a large amount of options. It can be confusing when developing a self-identity. Life coaching teaches teens where to keep their focus.

Life coaching for youth is designed to help teens gain necessary life skills that will raise their confidence and give them the courage to dip their toes into new opportunities.

Best Wishes to Your Family,

Ivana, Toronto Life Coach

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