How To Choose The Right Life Coach For You: 3 Tips

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Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc, MA

There are so many life coaches to choose from. How can you be sure you’ll choose the right one?

Before you book your consultation, make sure you’re booking with coaches who deal with your issue. Read the testimonials but keep in mind that you’re unique and other people’s experiences may not be same as yours. You have to base your opinion on your own experience.

There are many coaches that are good, but not necessarily for you. Here are 3 tips that can help you on the spot.

3 Steps to help you on the spot!

1. Emotional intelligence. How well does your coach understand you during the consultation? Emotional intelligence refers to your coach’s ability to understand where you are coming from, instruct you on how to perceive, evaluate, and manage your emotions. You ought to feel like your potential coach ‘gets you’. There must be a connection, or at least a great potential for a good connection between you and your coach. When your coach is emotionally intelligent s/he doesn’t need to have experienced everything you have to understand you. His/ her knowledge is based on knowing how emotions and behaviour is connected.

2. Program. Is the proposed program going to help you with what you asked for? When the potential coach says he or she can help you, how does s/he link your problem to the program? If you want confidence and self-esteem coaching, be sure that self-esteem is connected to all areas covered. You should come out feeling clear about the process.

3. How do you feel? By the end of the consultation you ought to feel respected, hopeful, and excited. If you feel put down because of your mistakes, this may not be the right person for you. Sometimes you won’t be able to pinpoint why this coaching relationship wouldn’t be right for you. It’s OK. Follow your gut feeling and continue searching. It’s never too late to come back and choose this coach, if you change your mind.

Best Wishes,

Ivana, Toronto Life Coach

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