How to Make Changes: Improve Your Life

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Learning how to make change can be one of the most intimidating things in life. It gets even more complicated when you’re not sure how to make the change in your problem areas and feeling awkward about it.

But, why is making change necessary? Why can’t you just stick to what you know?
Because you (and everyone else) eventually learn that some of your behaviors are not helping you get the results you are looking for. To continue doing what you know isn’t working well, only adds to your frustration.

Your ability to create the change you desire depends on your self-limiting beliefs and on the focus of your attention.

When you don’t know how to make change, you start feeling stuck, you start feeling like you’re not good enough, and you start feeling like others have it better.

People who know how to make change and are not afraid to leave their comfort zone are more likely to have a healthier self-image and higher self-esteem. Why is this? Because how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself is directly affected by your day to day behaviour.

Knowing how to make change doesn’t have to be difficult, if you’re organized with simple steps to follow. If you’ve got the will and positive attitude, I’ve got the steps on how to make change in your life.

    1. Figure out what you want to change.
    2. Confirm that you will be committed to this change.
    3. Be specific. Generality makes you feel overwhelmed because you won’t know where to start.
    4. Identify what the new behaviour will be. This way you know what you expect of yourself and you’re less likely to revert to the same old behaviour by default.
    5. Write down steps 1 through 3. Re-read it every day so it stays fresh.
    6. Practice.
    7. Be consistent.
    8. Be patient.
    9. When you start seeing improvement, keep going…don’t slack because you will revert to old behaviour.
    10. Within a month you’ll start to see change. Keep going!

Knowing how to make a change in your life is a valuable life skill. If you think you need more guidance on how to make change, try a life coach.

Best Wishes!
Ivana Pejakovic, Life Coach & Mentor

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