Keep a List of Your Successes

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Part 5 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

… You’ve clicked through… count this action as yet another success.

The 6th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Keep a List of Your Successes

Simply put, your successes are your reminder that you’re capable and awesome!

And they are great to pull out during the times you feel incompetent. Not only do they help you stay positive, sometimes being reminded of your skills and past successes can get you to be creative with the current challenges you’re trying to solve. Meaning, past solutions can help with current problems too… you may have just forgotten what you already know how to do.

Keeping a list of your successes isn’t just an affirmation activity… it holds the power to open doors to your creativity!

This is simple to do and makes common sense.

I am certain failures float through your mind more than your successes so you have a duty to yourself to take back control and feed your mind the healthy stuff.

By reviewing your successes regularly, you re-program your mind to think about your achievements more often than your failures. It’s really just a matter of learned patterns.

Here’s how you’re going to do this.

Your Task:

1. Start keeping a list of your successes in a jar (or you can use a journal if you prefer it… this way it’s easier to scan through the list when you need to).
2. Every time you do something really well (even if it’s small) write it down and throw it into the jar. Underneath the success write down the personal strengths you used to achieve the goal.
3. When you’re stuck on a challenge review your past successes and your strengths.

Be Your Best Today!


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