Know Yourself

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Part 10 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

Your #1 secret to personal empowerment is as simple as taking the time to get to…

Know Yourself

If I was standing in front of you and if I asked you “Who are you?” What would you tell me about yourself?

What would you say?

Would you stumble after a few generic descriptors such as “I’m kind and caring.” Would you tell me about your work or your family? Would you tell me about the things you’ve done?

All of these ARE so important… but they’re not who you are.

You’re made up of your strengths, of your values, and of your needs (because your values and needs motivate you).

While anyone can come along and take away your social roles and other titles, no one can take away what you’re good at and what is important to you. No one can take away what will motivate you… and that is why they create you!

When you have a clear idea of those 3, you’ll know exactly what kind of stuff you’re made of and what you have to offer. This knowledge will boost your confidence and your pride immediately. More importantly, these 3 combined, positions you to be “Be authentic” and to speak your truth.

Remember that you are different from everyone else. And that is GOOD!

Figure out what you do well and what sets you apart from others. Your purpose in life is to use your gifts to create a reason for being here.

Your task:
1. Make a list of your strengths and readily know what they are.
2. Participate in activities that allow you to express your values—make sure you know what’s important to you.
3. Know what motivates you to keep going. This way you’ll know how to inspire yourself to take action.

Be Your Best Today!

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