Life Skills Training

Life skills training is necessary to understand life. Life skills are a healthy way to handle the challenges that come your way. Life isn’t perfect, but you can have a lot more fun by mastering the life skills that’ll give you confidence and self-belief.

What are life skills?

I believe there are 7 essential life skills:

    1. Self-awareness: understand yourself and like yourself
    2. Self-management: know your triggers, know what’s important to you, how to make changes
    3. Social awareness: be open minded, learn critical thinking skills and problem solving skills
    4. Relationship management: know how to keep friendships and relationships in good standing, build leadership skills
    5. Continual learning and growth: if you’re not learning you’re not moving
    6. Sense of humour: see the fun in life
    7. Resilience: stay emotionally and mentally stable when life is chaotic and difficult or during changes

The first 4 skills are part of emotional intelligence and are a basic part of self-control. The last 3 skills deal with your ability to handle what life has to offer.

When you understand why you do what you do and how to gain control over you own behaviour, you’ll be able to deal with other life matters such as financial management, decision making, relationship maintenance, school or work performance, and more.

You don’t always get to choose what life hands to you. But with life skills training you can learn to take the best out of each of the situations given to you and you can turn hardships into opportunities.

Life skills training

A skill is the ability to communicate, understand, and provide solutions to life dilemmas. Life skills training is about knowing how to manage yourself in day-to-day life. It’s about understanding your weak points and maximizing on your strengths. When used in sync, the 7 essential life skills add confidence and fun to decision making. When practiced with consistency they change your life experience.

I’m interested in…

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