List of March Break Ideas for Families with Teens

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Ivana Pejakovic

School breaks are an ideal time to help you work on your relationship with your kids.During March Break, I encourage you to schedule at least one activity with your kids per day.

By putting everything else away and giving your kids time and attention you send the message they are important and they are loved. There is no better message that will help your child form a strong attachment to you. Remember that everyone naturally gravitates towards love.

Not all families will be going away for March Break. That doesn’t mean they can’t have as much fun at home as they would away. It just requires a little bit of thought and creativity.

Make the March Break feel special. Just make each day feel different than the typical day. I suggest you do a different activity every day so you keep things fresh. Here are some ideas you can pick and chose from:

1. Take advantage of your teen’s favourite hobby. Find out if there is anything in town that is focusing on that hobby. Go and check it out as a family.
2. Prepare your favourite meal together. For example, make a pizza from scratch.
3. Bake your favourite treat.
4. Find provincial trails where the family can go and explore; pick trails that you wouldn’t go on every day due to distance.
5. If you have to work, encourage sibling bonding time. If your kids are old enough encourage them to spend a day together at a local science or natural history museum, zoo, or a mall they wouldn’t usually go to. Give them transportation fare, lunch money, and anything else you think necessary for the day. They will appreciate a day of independence.
6. If you’re teens are a few years short of university, why not go and explore local campuses and see what the university life is all about? Pick up some brochures about the school and programs.
7. If your family doesn’t usually bowl together, this is a great time to go. Anything that is new will get them excited.
8. Go swimming. If you’re family loves the water, go to the local pool or to an indoor water park.
9. Do something creative. Create a huge structure out of Paper Marché, make a big canvas and paint in the garage. Or find a local painting studio.
10. Spend an hour or 2 of horseback riding.
11. Create a 10 minute personalized family video. You can create a live video or use the collection of family pictures to put images together.
12. Go out for breakfast to a new restaurant.
13. Go and see a play or performance.
14. Invite your kids’ friends over for one day and organize the entertainment and snacks for them.
15. Spend a day playing your favourite video games if video games are important to them.
16. And of course… ASK your teens if there’s anything particular they would want to do. You can’t go wrong with that.

While you’re spending time together, here’s a couple of rules:

1. Stay away from the usual debates. No need to bring up the same old disagreements. Focus on bonding (tips to build parent-child bond).
2. Compromise on what to do so no child feels ignored.
3. Make a rough schedule ahead of time so everyone knows what to expect and when.
4. Be sure to also let them plan social time with their friends.

Happy March Break To Your Family!

Ivana Pejakovic, Toronto Life Coach

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