Live a Balanced Life

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Part 2 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

… Welcome to this side… it’s time to create some excitement in your life! And this is how you’re going to do it.

The 9th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Live a Balanced Life

Why? Because excitement comes with variety!

A balanced life makes you feel like you are in control and not a slave to anything in particular. If all of your time goes towards “things that must get done” it can feel like your life is run by anything and everyone but you.

A common consequence of an unbalanced lifestyle is you’ll eventually end up feeling like your life has no meaning and purpose. One day you’ll wake up and ask yourself “Is this it?” “Is this all my life was meant to be?” So, before it gets to that stage, you can take action to prevent it.

You’ll receive the benefits immediately, as you instantly feel your life is richer and more satisfying.

If you’re afraid that spending time on “frivolous” things will keep you away from the important stuff, it’s not quite true. Stepping away from the regular stuff to enjoy other activities gives you a chance to re-energize and refuel on creativity so by the time you sit back down at your desk you’re ready to work.

It’s not always about the quantity of time you give to the important things. It’s also about the quality of the time you offer.

Your Task:

Achieving a balanced life takes a little bit of planning and effort. It also means saying “No” to others when you need to because you have other plans for yourself. And it means keeping your eyes open for opportunities from other areas of life.

It’s not for me to say what a balanced life would look like for you. It’s not a “one size fits all.” So this means you get to decide what balanced living looks like. It’s your choice.

First, let’s figure out… where are you now? Where is the majority of your time going and is it worth it down the road?

1. Where is most of your time going now?
2. Why are you spending most of your time on this? What is it that you’re hoping to get out of it?
3. Now be honest with yourself, is it worth it? Is the amount of time you are spending on this task a fair exchange for what you get back?

  • Is it worth it today?
  • Will it be worth it by the end of the year?
  • Will it be worth it in 5 years?

4. If you’re pursuing a task that requires most of your attention. Will things change once you achieve this task, or is this how the rest of your life will go?

5. What can you ‘clean up?’

Now let’s understand, how you want to set things up.

1. What would a balanced life look like for you? What activities would you be involved with and how frequently? Write this out on a piece of paper (tip: you can even print out a weekly calendar for the month to brainstorm)
2. How would you have to re-shuffle your schedule? What are you willing to drop on a regular basis?
3. What SUPPORT STRUCTURE would you need to have in place for this to happen (e.g., babysitter, dog walker)
4. I recommend starting with just one change in your schedule. Start with small changes and as you adjust continue adjusting your schedule.
5. On what day would you like begin your journey of balance? Be sure to start on that day. Make it happen!

Be Your Best Today!

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