Poor Habits Build a Bad Self-Image

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Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA

Your teen’s habits affect how he sees himself, feels about himself, and how well he does.

A series of bad habits lead to a series of bad results. A series of bad results lead to a negative self-image. Why?

After a while it becomes easy for your teen to think there is something fundamentally wrong with him; that he is inferior, not good enough, not smart enough compared to others. A good part of your teen’s confidence and self-esteem comes from how well he does in school, sports, socially, etc.

A long list of bad habits makes it difficult to distinguish between bad habits and personal flaws. He starts to think the real reason he does poorly is because “something is wrong with me.” The results of his performance over the years become internalized…a part of who he is.

What kind of poor habits influence your teen’s self-image?
1. Procrastination
2. Making excuses for poor choices, making excuses for not getting work done, etc.
3. Impulsiveness
4. Lack of effort
5. Giving up
6. Closed mindedness
7. Negative self-talk

Get your teen to think critically. Get him to challenge all of his negative thinking about himself. Instead of allowing him to think he is not as smart as his peers, ask him to consider if he has yet seen his full potential or if he’s being held back by his poor habits.

Ask him to consider the habits of success people. Because he doesn’t know about their habits, ask him not to assume all success people to be naturally gifted. They likely have habits that make them appear really smart but in reality, it’s just a result of hard work.

This is a lesson of empowerment!

Best Wishes!

Ivana Pejakovic, Toronto Life Coach

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