Do You Have Real Friends?

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Do you have real friends?

As life moves on, as careers and families grow and duties and obligations become extensive, it leaves very little time for quality friendships (unless of course it’s a priority on your list).

And spending a lot of time with people doesn’t necessarily qualify them as Real friends.

But without Real friendships and real connections life becomes lonely. And relying on your spouse to fill in the loneliness and boredom is unfair to him.

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You have to figure out what’s important to you (a Must-Have, if you will) in order to consider someone your Real friend. What qualities does this person need to own and how must she treat you in order for her to count as a high quality friend. At the same time, you need to figure out what’s not all that important.

For me, 3 things I look for are:
1. Quality conversation
2. Knowing she has good and sincere wishes for my future
3. Accepts me as I am, without trying to change me

The 3 things not all that important to me include:
1. Frequent get-togethers
2. Having same interests as me
3. Hitting life milestones at the same time as me

It’s for you to decide the criteria necessary to consider someone a Real Friend.

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