Self-esteem is based on your thoughts of past and current events, negative messages, making mistakes, bad habits, and hurtful childhood experiences.

Whatever the reason for your low self-esteem, you probably know it as that never-ending feeling of not being good enough, not being smart enough, not being social enough, not doing as well as others, not being attractive enough, or not competent enough. Low self-esteem is a feeling of never being enough of anything.

These negative feelings chip away at your self-confidence and keep you from really putting in the effort you need to show yourself you can do much better than you are convinced you can.

Life coaching can help.

How Coaching Helps Improve Self-esteem

Coaching and mentoring improves self-esteem because it helps you understand the root cause of your negative thinking, makes you aware of your trigger points, and then gives you tools to help you overcome the times you’re feeling down.

Coaching and mentoring teaches you to change negative thought patterns and trains you to get rid of the beliefs that don’t serve you in any way.

It prepares you to recognize when your emotions are triggered and how to catch them before you’re caught in a low self-esteem attack. It’s always easier to bounce back from 2 or 3 negative thoughts than from a whole days worth of negative thinking.

Take action now to learn how to improve self-esteem. Get in touch with a life coach.

[quote]”My life is no longer run by my discouraging beliefs. I don’t feel weighed down by my low self-esteem and my new found self-confidence makes it easier to experiment with life.”[/quote]

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