fostering positive self-esteem – plain and simple


Fostering positive self-esteem – plain and simple adds confidence and motivation to your every day actions. It makes it easier to accept your mistakes and your victories as your own. It allows you to feel good about yourself, be proud of your talents and of the things you achieved.

Without healthy self-esteem, life becomes hard. It becomes unfair. And it certainly makes it seem like everyone is against you.

Self-esteem Pop Quiz for Youth

If you’re wondering about how your self-esteem is doing, here are some statements to help you gauge where you’re at:

  • Nothing I do seems to go right
  • If something goes wrong at school, work, or in a social situation, I know exactly who to blame…ME
  • I’m convinced that most people I meet do not like me
  • I know I’d be happier if I was more attractive
  • I know I’d be further ahead in life if I was smarter
  • I keep putting my goals on hold because I’m not sure I could achieve them…in fact I don’t even know where to start

If you answered with a ‘yes’ or even a ‘sometimes’ to 3 or more of the questions you may want to consider doing some self-esteem work.

Without positive self-esteem, life really is difficult. And without the confidence to go after the things you want, it can be pretty frustrating too.
[/one_half_last] [quote]”Ours girls have grown so much in a few short months. They understand Ivana’s role in helping them to be responsible, thoughtful and respectful (of themselves and others).” ~Julie[/quote]

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