girls with low self-esteem

[one_half]The number of girls with low self-esteem is high and chances are, if you have a girl at home, her self-esteem is dwindling too.


The feeling a girl has about herself doesn’t always have to do with facts. She may be smart…but may not feel smart. She may be strong and competent… but may feel neither. She may be talented… but may not recognize it. She may be beautiful… but may not even be willing to consider the possibility.


Girls first experience a nose dive in their self-esteem in the pre-teen years. It happens at the same time girls start to attribute their self-worth to their bodies. When this happens, other attributes and characteristics lose value and the focus transfers to physical appearance.
[/one_half][one_half_last] Our idea of what is beautiful is so unrealistic that even supermodels need to be airbrushed and touched up in order to measure up. Young girls who don’t yet have the capacity to challenge what they see and hear are adopting these standards as the ultimate truth. This ‘truth’ is affecting the health of the relationship she has with herself.

Good news! Her relationship with herself isn’t only determined by the media. We can work on shifting her focus to other things that matter. These include:

  • What is modeled in her environment (including media)
  • The feedback she receives
  • Her adapted schema of what it means to be a girl

We can create a healthy environment for girls to erase low self-esteem and to help them build a positive relationship with themselves.
[/one_half_last] [quote]”After 3 sessions my life had changed. I was able to land a new job, had more confidence in myself and came to terms with some of the issues from my past.” ~Vanessa, 27[/quote]

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