how to improve self-esteem

[one_half]The words I most often hear from my clients are “I just want to be happy;” to which I tell them, let’s find out “how to improve your self-esteem.”

You may not realize, but how you see yourself isn’t as objective as you think. Your opinion is based on long ago learned negative beliefs, based on your skewed perception of how the world works, and based on what others have said to you.
Whatever thoughts and beliefs you focus on, however, is what determines how much you like yourself and your happiness level.

You can’t change who you were born to be (which you don’t need to) but you can choose to change how you see yourself (which will change your world).

So, how to improve self-esteem?

The first step to improve self-esteem is to become aware of how you treat and speak to yourself on a daily basis. Individuals with high self-esteem consistently treat themselves with…[/one_half][one_half_last]


no matter what life throws their way or how bad their mistakes are. They treat themselves kindly and lovingly for who they are today… not for what they hope to be one day.

Many youth spend a lot of time thinking about the person they want to be because they believe something is wrong with the way they are. They don’t understand they’ll never get to be happy this way. By the time they reach their ideal self (if they ever do) the picture of their ideal self will change, leaving them to chase something new.

To improve your self-esteem take a look at who you truly. You can start improving your self-esteem right now if you change your self-image.
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