how to improve teens self-esteem

[one_half]There’s an epidemic of low self-esteem in very young women and men. And we’re learning that teen self-esteem issues can start in childhood and continue into adulthood.

Two ways on how to improve teens self-esteem:
1. Teach self-esteem skills
2. Role model positive self-esteem

Knowing how to improve teens self-esteem is not complicated. The steps are based on teens making the most of every day with the gifts they’re given. Here are simple tips to groom your teen’s self-esteem.

Teach skills for how to improve teens self-esteem

1. Teach self-awareness: Self-awareness is about teaching your teen to recognize and honour the messages his body, thoughts, and emotions are sending him. It’s about keeping track of who he is, his likes and dislikes, what’s important to him and what isn’t. It’s about teaching your teen to recognize when his decisions are based on peer pressure and when they are based on personal needs and wants. Learning to pay attention to these will help improve teens self-esteem.

2. Teach choices: The best way to teach your teen about great choices is by giving him options. Without a question, you want the best for your child. Naturally, this tempts you [/one_half][one_half_last]to make the important choices for him. I recommend you allow your teen to make age appropriate choices by presenting him with 2 or 3 alternatives or allowing him to do his own research when old enough. Then guide him to pick based on his values, strengths, needs, and likes (not on immediate gratification). Choices empower kids and allow them to learn from mistakes.

Demonstrate how to improve teens self-esteem

3. Share: Parents often hesitate sharing their problems with their kids because they wish to remain superheros in their children’s eyes or because they don’t want to burden their kids with additional stress and worries. When I say, ‘share information’ don’t use your child as your therapist. Instead, share your problems AND the methods, tools, and approaches to solving them. For example, if you have a problem with a co-worker, you may wish to share how you dealt with him or her and what you learned from the situation. Having knowledge to deal with people is great for how to improve teens self-esteem.

4. Role model positive self-esteem: The best gift parents can give to children of all ages is to model positive self-esteem. Of all the self-esteem activities for youth, this one holds the most power. One day all kids realize their parents aren’t perfect and they make mistakes. At this time, you want them to also realize how good their parents felt about themselves despite the imperfection. This is a great exercise on how to improve your teens self-esteem.
[/one_half_last] [quote]”I had no self-esteem and didn’t think very highly of myself, and was afraid to try something new because I felt inadequate or wouldn’t want to take a risk of failing and being ridiculed. By working with Ivana I was given the tools to overcome my troubling obstacles.” ~Michael, 18[/quote]

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