raising self-esteem

[one_half]Raising self-esteem is just the beginning of great things…and your life coach can help. Without a healthy self-esteem you can’t make progress in any area of life. Why? Because that picture you have of yourself, your self-image, is making it impossible to make different choices.

A good part of your self-image is based on what you hear and what you think others are saying about you. I’d be willing to bet that how you think of yourself has a whole bunch to do with the following:

  • Do others approve of me?
  • Do they listen to me when I speak?
  • Do others take me seriously?
  • What are their opinions of me?
  • Do I measure up to their expectations?
  • What do others think of my differences?

Do your answers suggest that you’re self-esteem is at complete mercy of other people?

If others’ comments are important to you, you can only feel as good about yourself as others will let you!

Increase Self-esteem Immediately

You can increase your self-esteem by changing how and what you think of others’ opinions. Think of it this way: How would you feel about yourself if there was no one to judge you? How would you feel about yourself if unfair expectations didn’t exist? How would you feel about yourself if you were just able to be you?

The answers to these questions can help you increase self-esteem. It gives you a glimpse of your feelings about yourself if you didn’t let others get in the way.

The ability to put aside what others may or may not be thinking of you is the true meaning of independence. It’s the best way to increase self-esteem.

[quote]”Ivana is an excellent listener, understanding, observative and insightful. I highly recommend her services.” ~Vanessa, 27[/quote]

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