When you look in the mirror what do you see? And I am not just speaking of your physical image, though that’s a part of it. I’m talking about the entire image you see. A loser? A failure? A procrastinator? Do you see disappointment? Someone who is afraid? Someone you can’t be proud of? Someone unattractive?

This is called your self-image. And your self-image explains why you may find yourself stuck, full of bad habits, unmotivated, and unsuccessful.

Self-image is a mental picture of yourself that can be difficult to change. Although your self-image is partly made up of objective information, your interpretation of the objective information has a great influence in how you feel about yourself. For example, if you are tall and a female, you can see yourself ‘as a tall willowy gal who wears clothes well’ or you can see yourself ‘as an unfeminine large dinosaur that over-towers not only other ladies but many men too.’

Your self-image is also made up of situations and experiences that are open to interpretation. For example, if you are a male with 2 failures in a row you can see yourself as a ‘superstar with success just around the corner’ or as a ‘born failure without much going for you.’

Your self-image colours your perspective

While some parts of your self-image are true, other parts may be coloured by a pessimistic attitude and other negativity.

Once you’ve created and accepted your-self image as the truth, you’re programmed to look for information and form conclusions that are in line with the mental picture you have of yourself. This image influences the information you store away and it influences the way you think and what you remember. Inconsistent information is dismissed as a possibility of who you are.

Whether you’re in your teens or in your 20s, start changing your life by improving self-image. Your self-image is just the beginning to a fun life!

[quote]”I’m learning about how fun life can really be when I let go of my negative thinking and see myself for who I am. It’s easy to go for the good stuff in life, with my newfound confidence.”[/quote]

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