improving self-image

[one_half]Improving your self-image can change your world.

But, what if you can’t even be sure if you have a poor self-image? After all, how do you tell the difference between a poor self-image and how you realistically perceive yourself?

Easily enough!

Signs of poor self-image and low self-esteem are always present, even when not obvious. Obvious symptoms include: poor performance, a pessimistic attitude, negative self-talk, (e.g., I’m dumb, useless, and ugly). Less obvious signs of a poor self-image include: words such as “it’s not like it matters” when speaking about what you deserve, or “my actions don’t make a difference” when speaking about how your behaviour influences others.

Remember, no matter what happens in you’re life, you always have a unique combination of abilities, talents, and strengths. If all you can focus on is your mistakes and errors, if you dismiss what you do well, and you exaggerate the things you’re not so good at then you could definitely use a self-image tune up.
[/one_half][one_half_last] Improving self-image, like anything else, requires deliberate focus on the good things you have to offer and it requires self-respect for all that you’re capable of.

Really, just by changing how you see yourself you’ll improve your:

  • confidence
  • ability to handle difficult stuff
  • desire to go for the things you want
  • motivation
  • attitude toward yourself and the world
  • self-worth
  • ability to learn new skills

Adjusting your self-image is actually the simplest and easiest way to change your life around. Improving self-image gives you the ability to create new and positive experiences.

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