negative self-image

A negative self-image affects everything in your life. Self-image issues isn’t just about being worried about your looks. It’s about the entire picture that comes to mind when you think of yourself.

This idea of who you are is creating the kind of life you’re living now (e.g., avoiding public speaking, shying away from social events, never-ending bad habits).

Let’s look at a few more examples…Which of these sentences describe how you think and how you behave most accurately? How many of them apply to you?

[one_half]Poor self-image

“I could never do that”
“I always seem to screw up”
“I’ve never been smart enough”

“My life is difficult and I have evidence to prove it”
“There is nothing attractive about me”
“Things aren’t meant to go right for me”
[/one_half][one_half_last] Behaviour

I don’t take on new opportunities

I failed again

I pass on great chances in case I can’t handle the challenges
I speak and behave like I am a victim of life
I’m always overlooked for opportunities
I can’t remember the last time I tried my best. What’s the point? It doesn’t work out anyways.

How you think of yourself is based on your limiting beliefs. Beliefs about yourself and the world are simplifications to help you get a grip on how things work and what you should and shouldn’t be a part of. Even though it may feel like it, these beliefs are not facts; they’re only your opinions. They just seem real because they bring out strong negative emotions.

Accepting your beliefs about yourself is not dangerous unless they stop you from trying things out. That’s when they start to affect your self-esteem and how much fun you have in life.

What you think and believe about yourself always affects how well you do. You can’t be proud of yourself if you think your actions aren’t good enough.

The good news: a poor self-image can turn into a great one! Coaching and mentoring can change your life around.

[quote]”You get to understand yourself and your issues even more, you get support and you get to talk about things you can’t always talk about with other people.” ~Leila, 21[/quote]

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