self-image issues

[one_half]If you Google “self-image issues” you’ll notice most of the results refer to body image issues. Because we’re obsessively attuned to physical appearance, we’ve left general self-image issues on the back burner.

Self-image issues are not all about physical appearance. Self-image is about how you see yourself in every aspect of your life: who are you at work/school? who are you when you’re with your family and friends? who are you when you’re in a romantic relationship? who are you as a spiritual being? who you are when no one is looking? etc.

Youth with self-image issues usually have a common belief that weaves throughout their life roles. Whether it’s a feeling of insecurity or fear or inadequacy, it tends to follow them from place to place. Whatever this feeling is, it makes most activities feel like a drag.

How do self-image issues start?
There are 2 big reasons that lead to a negative self-image:

  • Always feeling criticized (feeling like you can’t ever get it right)
  • Feeling rejected by family and friends


If you’ve been criticized or rejected you’ve probably asked “why’s this happening to me?” Chances are the best answer you came up with was “it’s because of me. If I was different this wouldn’t be happening.” If you’ve gone down this road you’ve also said to yourself “I need to change who I am to be accepted, to be good enough, to feel better about myself, etc.”

The truth is you don’t need to change anything about yourself other than your perspective of who you are. Self-image issues doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, it means something is wrong with how you see yourself.
[/one_half_last] [quote]”Even though I have finished the program I’m still using and following the different methods and strategies taught by Ivana, and have found them to be a great success.” ~Michael, 18[/quote]

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