Simple Truths Women Have to Learn the Hard Way

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Simple Truths

For some reason, whether it’s our culture or evolution, there are simple truths women have t0 learn the hard way. Through mistakes, and painful experiences, many women come to the same conclusion after enough years pass by.

Do yourself a favour and start thinking, reflecting, and working on these now. Pay attention to the patterns in your life and you’ll see the truth in them. Here are simple truths women learn the hard way:

  1. People will generally not encourage you; you are on your own. Yes, your parents may have encouraged you to do well in school as a little girl, but as an adult, you’ll rarely have people in your life who’ll look at all the reasons why you can do something. But they will have a ton of practical reasons why you can’t because people have their own ideas about how you should live your life. To the point you start doubting yourself. They’ll support their own theories more than your own. So when it comes to your dreams, you must follow your own heart… on your own.
  2. You have to make yourself happy. Don’t wait on others to make choices and alter their lives to make you happy. No one owes you anything, including your children. So, unless you work on making yourself happy first… happiness may never find you. Most people are trying to figure out how they can be happy anyways… they don’t have time to worry about you too. Remember, others are not inconsiderate; they’re living their own life path, they’re not living for you.
  3. Desire for certainty will give you more of the same. Most women crave certainty in their life. They want to be certain they’ll be successful, more certain their relationship will improve, more certain things will just turn out OK. To get this certainty they adjust their actions so they can have the certain outcomes they have imagined in their minds. They don’t understand that change only comes with uncertainty; because uncertainty is scary when the stakes are high. And the more they try to control their outcomes based on fear and insecurity, the more they will create the same of what they have now. Certainty is a tricky business. We all want spice up our routine; but we want to be certain about it.
  4. Others don’t know better than you so stop asking them. When it comes to life experience, others don’t know better than you. And what worked for others, may not work for you or give you the fulfillment you desire. Their ‘knowledge’ is based on their situation, so they can’t give you answers you seek. It will not give you the certainty you desire anyways. Women forget they are unique, with their own preferences, likes, and dreams. So, why do they put their trust in others? Because they don’t trust themselves enough to make a good choice. When it comes to making decisions… make your own, because your own mistakes will be a lot more valuable to you than others’ mistakes.
  5. Life is not that serious. Most of the times women freak themselves out because they make up stories of ‘what could happen’, the reason behind others disrespect, and why things are just not working out for them. And they do this throughout life. Everything becomes a big deal, and everything is serious. But once they come to a certain age they realize it was all like a game, and that many experiences were not as important as they treated them. They gave some people and situations too much credit and too much importance to the point they forgot about what really mattered.
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