STOP with the Perfection

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Part 4 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

… You’ve decided to click through… yet again… this action speaks volumes of your commitment to yourself and of your effort to live an empowered life.

The 7th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

STOP with the Perfection

You know it doesn’t exist! And you’ve probably even counseled your friends and family at one point or another about the fact that perfection is a lousy goal.

Perfection is nothing more than you trying to be free or a free as possible from all flaws or defects.

But here’s a twist when it comes to the human condition. Observation (what you see) is a subjective concept. So even if perfection was a possibility, your assessment of it would still depend on your own interpretation of the situation.

This means that if you’re in the habit of seeing problems with yourself and your abilities… you would neither be likely nor willing to accept perfection when it came your way. You would be on the lookout for flaws.

How’s that for a nasty twist?

But why are you pursuing perfection anyways? Because it’s your attempt at self-preservation.

The idea of flawlessness has a way of making you think you’ll FINALLY:
1. Get some recognition and a little bit of praise
2. Find validation and have someone out there to notice your worth and your skill
3. Prove yourself and your worth once and for all

But like some kind of a practical joke from the universe… pursuing perfection is more destructive than self-preserving.

How so?

Because trying to prove yourself is hard work; especially when you have a lot of doubt about your abilities and talents.

In this case, your life becomes about:

-Feeling worthless
-Feeling lost, and
-Feeling trapped

So let’s see what we can do to stop your pursuit of perfection.

Your Task:
1. Before you can stop pursuing perfection, you need to understand WHY you need to be perfect? List what you hope to gain by being perfect.
2. Now, take a look at the list. What is it you really want? Become aware of how you use “Perfection” as your tool to get what you really want.
3. Why is ‘getting this’ so important to you? Why are you trying to get it? And what if you’re never able to obtain it? Would your entire life be a disappointment?

Think about this the next time you try to be perfect!

Be Your Best Today!

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