Stop Quitting

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Part 6 – The Woman’s Guide to Personal Empowerment: A Home Starter Kit

The 5th most vital secret to your personal empowerment is…

Stop Quitting

It’s not very empowering to think of yourself as a “Quitter.” And it’s hard not to think of yourself as a quitter… if you quit often. Or if you ‘only’ quit when it gets difficult.

There is nothing more magical and empowering than the decision to pursue a special goal. It’s rejuvenating and exciting.

And then…

As you start making your plans, building your path, and taking the first steps… it all slowly comes apart. The big beautiful dream somehow loses its luster… and what once looked so beautiful in your mind’s eye now looks impossible, time-consuming, stupid… and even uninteresting.

Worse than that you’re left with a ton of self-doubt and a ton of indecision about whether the goal is even worth pursuing.

Quitting is simply not finishing what you start.

And the easiest way out is to put a task on the back-burner while trying to come up with a decision about what to do with it… only never to come back to it.

This is a classic example of QUITTING!

If you’re infamous for giving up and quitting, I know you feel trapped, stuck, and even lost.


Because every time you quit… you are stuck with the same results…and you have no new experiences to add to your ‘success list’ that will bring you feelings of happiness, success, and fulfillment.
Good news!

This is simple enough to fix. All you have to do is stop quitting!

And this is how you’ll do it.

You’ll simply stop saying you’ll do the things you really have no desire to do in the first place.

Your Task:

Step 1. Get familiar with the following statement… in fact go ahead and MEMORIZE IT:

Commitment happens at the point of decision. If you don’t want to do something then say no! But as soon as you say Yes, you are responsible for it!

So, say you’ll only do the things you really want to do… and if you don’t want to do it.. stay away from it.

Step 2. Spring Cleaning: Clean out the old and get a fresh start

  • Go through your list of projects that you have started and then quit. Write them down.
  • Thinking about the statement in step 1, go down the list one by one and see which one of those projects you would like to scratch off permanently and which you still wish to say yes to. Permanently scratch off all the “No’s.” You don’t have to do them if you don’t want to.

Step 3. If there are any “Yes’s”, pick ONE goal you want to continue working on… and finish it. Show yourself you’re not a quitter and that you’re completely capable!

Be Your Best Today!

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