Why Failure Will Make You Sexy

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Failure is Sexy

Let’s face it, we are all human and unless we put ourselves in a safe vault … there is no way we will make it through to the end without several big failures. So what?

If you think about any woman that has ever awed you, it will be the one who has shared a personal story of struggle while overcoming a great challenge, setback, or mistake.

It is hard to dispute that women who fail and overcome their situation have a specific allure and attractiveness as they share their story. Why? Because they failed, became vulnerable, and persisted despite the hurt, rejection, fear, and anger.

When you are afraid of failure you will shrink into yourself and keep yourself very small. You will not be motivated to take on challenges which will risk your outward image of being less than perfect. You will spend time envying those women that do take on risks while you conform to what you think will keep others from seeing you as bad.

Why Failure Will Make You Sexy

When you are not overcome by a fear of failure, you will get involved with life and take on challenges necessary to fulfill your dreams.

With this will come many outcomes… not always the ones you hoped for. How you handle yourself during this time depends on how you evaluate your situation and think about failure. Will you find yourself focused on shame and on what others think of you, or will you find yourself focused on your goal and the plan B required to succeed next time.

So then why is it exactly that failure will make you sexy? Because…

Failure brings…

  1. Vulnerability,
  2. Experience,
  3. Resilience,
  4. Confidence,
  5. Wisdom,
  6. Maturity, and
  7. Femininity

In fact, none of these qualities would come out if we didn’t face some setbacks (and it is one of the reasons why women in their early 20s don’t have the sex appeal that women in their 30s and above have – they have not had the chance to acquire these qualities).

Scroll up and go down that list again, which of those qualities would you say does not give a woman an aura of sexiness?

But beware: this only works if you open your mind up to failure. If you can’t let yourself see past the negativity of failure you will trap yourself from living a full and successful life.

Has the time come for you to re-evaluate how you think of failure and what that belief is doing for you?


Ivana, Empowerment Coach for Women – Toronto




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